A message from Cision CEO, Brandon Crawley:

The wellbeing of our staff, customers, and partners is of paramount importance to us here at Cision. To ensure the safety of everyone, we are taking regional safety precautions following the recent COVID-19 outbreak, including Cision employees working remotely. We take this public safety precaution very seriously and are closely monitoring the current COVID-19 status and government advice.

Please be assured that our staff will remain accessible and we will continue to provide the full professional support and service our clients trust us to provide. Our customers remain our top priority and we will stay open for business as our team works remotely. This includes our PR Newswire services, which will continue our commitment to customer excellence in delivering your news and announcements with the same level of security you know and trust.

With the rapidly shifting news cycle and growing concerns about COVID-19, we at Cision want to assure you that we are here for you and aim to provide you with valuable and relevant guidance as the situation evolves. If there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.
Daily Covid-19 Monitor Update
Our coronavirus monitor provides daily insights into its coverage in the media. Sign up to receive updates on Covid-19 discussions, social media posts, articles and the global distribution of coverage.
Webinar: COVID-19 Comms: Best Practices
It's a difficult time for brand communications; due to the rapidly shifting news cycle and growing concerns about COVID-19, we put together a panel of PR experts across industries to discuss best practices for brand communications. Includes an extensive audience Q&A.
Best Practices for Brand Communications in Times of Uncertainty
To continue providing you with valuable and relevant information, we've put together a guide of best practices for brand communications in difficult times. Download our guide here to start effectively communicating with your customers.  
Crisis Comms Toolkit
When a crisis like COVID-19 happens, it’s the brands that are most prepared that will weather the storm. The question is: Are you and your team ready for a comms crisis?

Grab our foolproof crisis comms guide as part of your PR strategy for these challenging times. Learn how to identify when a threat may happen; analyse the coverage around a crisis; and craft a genuine, timely response for your audience.
Crisis Comms Checklist
When a crisis hits your brand, you have to deal with it as quickly as possible; it’s best to have a comprehensive crisis comms plan in place, but even with that, you can always use a guide to help make sure you don’t leave any important steps out.

We created a 10-step checklist designed to guide you through a crisis as it happens, whether it’s COVID-19 related or simply happening during this already stressful and uncertain time. 
Stay on top of coronavirus COVID-19 news
Coronavirus COVID-19 dashboard
Today's global coverage of coronavirus COVID-19 by Cision
PR Analyser Tool
If you need to send out a press release quickly, use Cision’s analyser tool to check how effective your release is.

With this tool you can easily optimise your press release based on some basic rules. Assessment is based on surveys with journalists as well as our extensive experience of working with and distributing press releases.
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